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Bianco Moxie MuleVermouth

Flavorful, Versatile, Crafted

Welcome to 40 Acres Blending Co.  The world's first black owned, small batch vermouth company. We are very excited to introduce our first product, Moxie Mule Vermouth Bianco. Stay stuned for more exciting products and private classes coming soon!

Our Story

After completing an internship in wine production at JM Cellars and sparking an interest in the vermouth culture of Spain, Sean Perryman turned to the hobby of vermouth making. Vermouth blending seamlessly combined his obsession for craft cocktails and wine production. After 13 years of bartending, Sean Perryman was craving a vermouth that could fulfill every drinkers palette and could  compliment the botanicals of other spirits. This bianco vermouth is blended with the intention to be used as a versatile or simple vermouth. Whether you are a skilled bartender or an at home hobbyist, Moxie Mule was designed to be easy to use and perfect for any spirit. Enjoy it chilled neat, as a light and bright spritz, or used as an ingredient to balance out a cocktail.


Founded in 2023 by Sean Perryman, 40 Acres Blending Co. just so happens to be the world's only black owned vermouth company. Black history was a foundation of Sean's upbringing and was the inspiration behind the company name and label. Inspired by Special Field Order No. 15 in which 40 Acres and a Mule was promised to freed slaves but never fulfilled, Moxie Mule Vermouth is Sean's reclamation to gain his "40 acres and a mule."


You can purchase our vermouth by the bottle or on tap as an unexpected addition to your restaurant, bar, or brewery's tap selection. We also offer private blending/tasting sessions, as well as events and parties. Contact us to learn more about all our offerings!

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What is Vermouth? 

Bianco Moxie MuleVermouth Cocktails
Bianco Moxie MuleVermouth
Bianco Moxie MuleVermouth

Vermouth is a dynamic beverage that consists of aromatized, fortified wine blended with botanicals. Moxie Mule is a semi sweet, bianco style vermouth incredibly versatile depending on the spirit you mix it with. It’s delicious served straight over ice, as a spritz or as a dynamic addition to a cocktail. Moxie Mule has high tasting notes of vanilla, citrus and jasmine. Perfect for any season depending on how you use it!

It started as a medicinal drink in Germany in the 16th century and has always consisted of one key ingredient: wormwood. However, it wasn't until the 18th century when cafe culture took off in Italy, that vermouth developed into the delicious apertivo we know it as today. There are many different styles of vermouth and they vary based on the region they are from and ingredients used to blend them. Moxie Mule Vermouth is inspired by the bianco vermouths in Southern Spain, often served as an afternoon beverage with a citrus twist and side of olives as a precursor to your next meal.

Photos by  @annajasminephotography 

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